Employee Spotlight

Sarah Coyan

Education Specialist



What did you do prior to SSCS?

I worked for 10 years as Area Coordinator in the Parent Support Department for Innovative Education Management (IEM)

How long have you been with SSCS?

2 years with South Sutter as an ES, 12 years with IEM

Where did you grow up?

Diamond Springs, CA

Where did you go to college?

Earned my teacher credential and Master's of Arts in Education (M.A.Ed) at University of Phoenix

Where do you live?

Diamond Springs

What areas do you serve for SSCS?

Sacramento County, Yolo County, & Placer County

What do you think is/are the best thing(s) about SSCS?

I love the relationships established with students/families and ESs. As an ES, I have the opportunity to work with students throughout their educational journey's! It is a true privilege to guide, support, and facilitate learning experiences and resources for students. South Sutter allows students, parents, and ESs the freedom and choice to design learning opportunities and plans that align with individual teaching philosophies and learning styles while still guiding students toward meeting standards. Students enrolled at South Sutter are able to explore and focus on learning in interests they are passionate about. We have so many wonderful vendors where students can take classes and order curriculum from. We have a resource center that keeps curriculum and materials in circulation which helps with allowing more funds to be available for enrichment and extra curricular activities. I love our Science and Art in the Park (SAP) Mobile Science Lab (MSL) program! This program brings a wonderful sense of community where friendships are made and students have the opportunity to participate in fun, engaging, and hands on science, art, and math classes. I truly value and appreciate professional development opportunities that South Sutter provides to ESs, I love that we have subject matter chairs/experts who provide excellent information and resources, I love that we have a guidance department to support with high school path plans, and I just love that South Sutter consistently strives to innovate and grow as a parent choice organization that supports our students and families with exceptional opportunities!

Do (did) you homeschool your kids?

No, I do not reside in the South Sutter service area and my daughter wishes to attend our local high school

What is your favorite curriculum?

There are so many curriculum choices it's hard to choose a "favorite" ... some that I really like are: Studies Weekly, Scholastic News, Teaching Textbooks, Novel Ties, Spectrum, Evan Moore, Kiwi Crates, Story of the World, BrainPop, and many more....

What is your favorite read aloud book?

The Three Little Pigs :)

What is your favorite field trip?



What is your dream summer vacation?

Honestly, I prefer a summer "stay"cation (LOL), I'm a homebody! I am happy enjoying my family, my home, my garden, and my pets!

What is your favorite subject to teach?

Reading/Writing & STEAM Storytime at Science and Art in the Park

What do you like to do in your free time?

Hang out with my daughter, play with my dogs, work in my garden, get lost in a good book, and make tie-dye t-shirts.


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