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Nick P.

Persuasive Essay

Nick Parker

Why Broccoli is Weird

        In any form, raw, cooked, baked, grilled, in a soup, ground up, sprinkled over other food, or  made into a milkshake, broccoli is just weird. However, you get it past your mouth and into your belly it will only benefit you, health wise.  There is no doubt that broccoli is good for people to consume, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is difficult to chew. The texture is just off, and it seems like you’re eating the wrong part of the plant.  It’s as if you were eating the branches off an apple tree rather than the apple. In fact, the word “broccoli” comes from the Italian words meaning “branch/arm.” There are broccoli enthusiasts who post numerous recipes online along with comments about the health benefits in their best efforts to convince you that it tastes good. However, I say nay, nay.

        The most popular type of broccoli sold in the United States is called Italian green, or Calabrese, named after the Italian province of Calabria where it was first grown.  Broccoli is believed to have been used by the Romans around 200 BC.  It’s unconfirmed, but thought to have been made by farmers crossing cauliflower seeds with pea seeds.  I find it strange as there is not a lot of broccoli used in Italian food. When was the last time you had broccoli on pizza, lasagna, pasta, or spaghetti, unless of course you are a broccoli enthusiast.  The Italians are clearly master salesman as they took a branch that they had no desire to eat and convinced Americans they needed it to survive. So, touché to the Italians and their marketing skills.
       There are numerous health advantages and arguments as why we should eat broccoli.  Broccoli helps prevent cancer, lowers the chance of heart disease, boosts your immune system, and protects against ulcers and arthritis.  Numerous studies have been conducted and scientists and doctors have articulated in detail the benefits. Still, why does something so good for you have to taste so awful.  As much as my body might benefit from the consumption of broccoli, my mouth doeth protest.

       The food enthusiasts try to make broccoli sound like an all-powerful food and use social media.  Some of the marketing methods such as Facebook, Twitter, healthy living websites, and other social media have sent countless overweight people to the grocery store in search of this life saving and fat burning miracle food.  Forsaking cakes for kale and betraying banana splits for broccoli, desperate people fill their shopping carts with these green miracles. As they throw out all of the sweets and joy from the refrigerator and fill it with the promise of health and happiness, little do they know the short and long term effects of the journey they have embarked upon.  No longer can they smile as they open the ice box only to realize that ice cream has been replaced with green branches that are not meant to be consumed, leaving them with a void in their hearts and stomachs.

        Sure broccoli is good for your heart, but so is ice cream.  It has long been argued that joy and happiness adds years to your life.  Stress is proven to remove years from your life and have horrible effects on your health.  Ice cream and candy bring joy and happiness which relieves stress. So keep your broccoli and I’ll keep my happiness.  Broccoli has no place in my heart or on my plate.

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