Check out our IEM Stock Images Project!

What: The IEMStock Project is a fulfillment of IEM’s goal to include more student, family, and staff focused content/media on our websites and social media. 

Why: The rich visual palette of homeschooling so not easily obtained through generic stock images. We would prefer to highlight and feature photos, artwork, and video from our students, parents, and staff. We hope that this project will enable our families and staff to share a slice of life as well as their talents and passions. We have such a bountiful and varied population that have so much to share! 

As a bonus we will be doing a random drawing each month. Each submission will be an entry into the month’s drawing. Prizes will include school swag and/or fun goodies.  

Who: All IEM students, parents/family, and staff are welcome to participate. Must be 18 or older to submit, parents are encouraged to submit on their child’s behalf.

    Photos & Artwork should be:

    • Clear
    • School appropriate 
    • Saved as a jpeg. or png. file. 
    • Files should be between XYZ and XYZ
    • Free of copyrights
    • Photos without people are also useful, a visually interesting scene is always welcome
    • Saved with the submitter’s first name and last initial as the filename (ex. william.e) if submitting more than one entry please add a .# of submission (ex. William.e.1, william.e.2, etc.) 
    • Landscape orientation is best - even better when the main subject/focus of the photo is off center - this leaves room for text and branding.


    Videos should be:

    • Less than 60 seconds (think quick TicTok style videos)
    • Clear and not shaky
    • Video should include sound and text that supports the video
    • Saved as XYZ
    • Files should be between XYZ
    • Free of copyrights
    • School appropriate
    • Saved with the submitter’s first name and last initial as the filename (ex. william.e) if submitting more than one entry please add a .# of submission (ex. William.e.1, william.e.2, etc.)
    • Landscape orientation is best 


    Ideas for photo or artwork submissions:

    • A day in the life of homeschooling (show different places and ways your family learns)
    • Students doing vendor activities - dance, gymnastics, horseback riding 
    • Gardening 
    • Nature scenes  
    • Works of art
    • Field trips
    • Wildflowers
    • Beach or lake 
    • Cooking and baking
    • Sports
    • Playing at the playground
    • Board games
    • Floral arrangement
    • Pets & animals
    • Holidays & celebrations 
    • Colorful artwork that can be used as a background
    • Still life around your home (a clock, a favorite stuffed animal, your kitchen table, shoes by the door, jackets hanging on hooks, a stack of books)
    • Academic visuals (math tools laid out on a table, art supplies colorfully arranged, a stack of books ready for the day, 
    • Child reading in a variety of locations
    • Children playing together
    • LEGO builds
    • The backdrop of your homeschool day (cozy couch for reading together, kitchen table for projects, backyard for gardening, park for PE, library to check out books, computer for virtual classes, etc.)
    • School/office supplies (pencils, crayons, glue, computers, notebooks, binders)
    • Bookshelf of books 
    • School spirit (school branding, swag, planners, school t-shirt, school cups, etc.)

    Ideas for video submissions:

    • Homeschool highlights (what are your favorite parts of homeschooling?)
    • Curriculum review (show & tell us about your favorite curriculum)
    • ES kudos (why do you enjoying working with your ES? Ask your ES if they will appear in the video with your family)
    • School kudos (what is going well?)
    • Why did you chose an IEM school for your child(ren)’s education?
    • Vendor review (tell us about your favorite vendor - give us a peek of what you like about the vendor)
    • Interview with a homeschooler
    • Homeschool graduates reflecting on their time with an IEM school
    • Day in the life of a homeschooler (wake up to bedtime - what does your homeschool day look like?)
    • Storytime - read a story
    • Book review - give an oral book report on camera
    • Speech & Debate
    • Snippets of an IEM student in a theatre production (with the vendor/theatre approval)
    • Concert or practice on a musical instrument
    • Favorite quick snack recipe for a busy homeschooling day
    • What makes your homeschooling journey with an IEM school unique?
    • More information coming soon



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