Spring 2021 Legislative Update


April 20, 2021

Hello IEM Schools Community, 

Last week AB-1316 was introduced, which proposes further limitations and restrictions on nonclassroom-based (NCB) charter schools. It is important to note that this bill has only been introduced, and there are still many steps to go through before it can become law. 

We have provided a short summary of the requirements in the current bill language that have the most potential to impact IEM Schools. You can also read the full bill.

What are IEM Schools doing to advocate for NCB schools:

  • Meeting with legislators to share stories about the benefits that public charter schools have for our students. We want the authors of the bill to understand how independent study schools are able to support a variety of students, all while working toward state standards and making progress, similar to our peers in traditional setting public schools.
  • IEM and school leaders are meeting with charter advocacy groups and other advocacy organizations to work toward finding common ground in legislative decisions. 
  • IEM Schools are continually proactive with our policies and practices in order to remain compliant and prepared to address anticipated changes.

What can you do to advocate for NCB schools:

  • Get involved in our letter-writing campaign: 
    • Share the support that IEM Schools have provided for your children through a credentialed teacher overseeing your students’ assignments and their Personalized Student Success Plan.
    • Share the value that you have experienced from our i-Ready and state assessments, and how they help you, as a parent, understand your students’ academic achievement levels.
    • Share the importance of our IEM Schools community and the support it has provided you.
    • If your child has an individualized education plan (IEP), share how IEM Schools serves your child’s unique needs.
    • You can send your letters to the Assembly Education Committee members and to your local representatives.
  • Attend the Assembly Education Committee hearing on April 28th online.
    • This is an important discussion to hear. We learn so much about what elected representatives and the public believe about our schools when we listen to these hearings. 
    • There will be an opportunity to call in and express opposition to this bill
      • You will state your name, city of residence and that you oppose AB 1316
        • Note- wait times may be significant, so plan to use speakerphone and continue with your day while you wait for your turn to speak

We are committed to transparency and open communication, and while there are still many “unknowns,” we wanted to provide you with the most up-to-date information as we get it. The current bill that has been proposed is 88 pages in length and we anticipate that there will be several rounds of edits and changes prior to the final vote. We will advocate for our students and our schools throughout the entire process as It is our goal that this bill does not become law.


As always, we will remain vigilant and involved in legislative meetings to advocate for parents to have choices in the education of their child. We will continue to communicate with you as soon as there are updates regarding this legislation.  



Cynthia Rachel, M. Ed
Director of Communications and Development / (530) 617-1455
IEM Schools: South Sutter, Ocean Grove, Sky Mountain 

Last week AB-1316 was introduced, which proposes further limitations and restrictions on nonclassroom-based (NCB) charter schools.

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